Center in Lanzarote

Located in Puerto del Carmen, in the south-east coast of the island of Lanzarote and just 10 minutes from the airport. Puerto del Carmen maintains a relatively small permanent population, at the same time is the main tourist area of the island. Being originally a fishing village it has undergone a development towards the 60’s that resulted in a controlled and quality touristic area.

It has all the amenities of a European environment; with shopping malls, cinemas, health centre, marina, promenade and all quality range of accommodation.

Our school is just 2 minutes walk from Playa Chica (our diving area). As in Radazul (Tenerife), Playa Chica has excellent conditions for the freediving: depth near the coast, clear water and good water temperature being above 20°C from June to December. Its lowest water temperature is 18ºC in February and the highest 25 in August. The weather is excellent throughout the year.

We have several fixed training lines at different depths (-25, 45, -60mts, 110mts, ….) For different levels and within swimming distance from the coast, which makes Playa Chica one of the best places for freediving.

We are inside a complex of apartments and shops, providing all the comforts and high quality services for our customers. Hot showers, freediving material from the best brands, dry and wet area where to store your belongings, rental and sale of specific material, resting area, classroom, wifi, etc. Around the centre you can also find bars, restaurants and small shops.

You can also go snorkelling very close to the centre with easy entrance from the shore in beautiful underwater landscapes, full of life and with wrecks at different depths. From 2017 it opens to the public the first underwater museum in Canary Islands, in Playa Blanca, just 20minutes drive from the centre. It will have artificial sculptures placed between 15 and 20 meters deep and specially designed for the regeneration and conservation of the aquatic ecosystem of the area.