Center in Tenerife

Our school is located within the premises of the marina in the coast of Radazul, just 15 km away from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and only 20 minutes drive from north airport.

Our facilities are just a few meters from the sea and with excellent conditions for freediving: depth near the coast, clear water, good water temperature (25ºC in summer and 18ºC in winter) and excellent weather almost all year round.

We have fixed training lines at different depths (-20, -35, -50, -75 mts, …) to train at different levels and within swimming distance from the coast. This makes Radazul Bay in one of the world’s best places for deep training.

Our freediving centre has all the amenities and quality services: hot showers, freediving equipment from the best brands for the student, dry and wet area where to store your equipment, rental and sale material, chillout area with nice freediving library, classroom, WiFi, etc.

Apnea Canarias is located inside the marina where you will find traditional Spanish restaurants, Italian restaurants, pharmacies and bars. Next to our centre are also two beaches and recreational areas for the enjoyment of your companions while you are doing some activities with us.

After your training session you can enjoy some snorkeling in a nearby wreck, in Tabaiba only 15 minutes walking from our centre. This wreck is at a depth range between 20 and 30 meters.

If you are looking for deep training, below 60m depth, we also provide the facilities for this: fast boat with counterweight and sonda, safety with scooter, oxygen, etc., so you can train depth in a safe and professional environment.