“Become a professional”

The instructor course is the opportunity for you to start your freediving career transmitting your freediving knowledge to others. If you want to enjoy the day to day working as an instructor, come and learn from the best instructors in Apnea Canarias!

Becoming an instructor is a big challenge and requires a full-time dedication during the course. All disciplines must be well prepared before starting the course.

Course content:

  •  Theory: beside learning all the theory regarding how to prepare and manage a course, students will make presentations on specific freediving topics as well as teaching their own classes.
  •  Pool sessions: The student must provide practical classes in the pool in static and dynamic disciplines. In addition, students will also be able to perform the minimum pool requirements.
  •  Open water sessions: the student must provide practical classes in depth disciplines. It must also be able to successfully overcome the minimum requirements in CWT, FIM and CNF disciplines in the different exercises.
  •  Exam: During the course the student must successfully pass the different exams proposed depending on the “instructor level” to which they are taking.
We highly recommend students to combine this course with the MASTER program for ideal preparation!
  • Course duration: 7 days.
  • Requirements:
    • – Be level 3 (SSI3 or AIDA4) certified freediver.
    • – Medical certificate with less than two years, indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving”.
    • – Own diving insurance.
  • Include: freediving equipment, instructor certification and diploma of attendance. Instructor kit: Not Included. Ask for more details.
  • Price: 1100€


This course is aimed to those students who are already freediving instructors from other organizations and who wish to validate their titles to other comparable certifiers.

  • Course duration: 4 days
  • Instructor kit Not Included. Ask for more details.
  • Price: 500€