“Two and a half-day course to learn the basics on freediving”

This is the basic course where you will learn the proper breathing techniques for freediving. During this course you will learn all necessary techniques and adequate knowledge to freedive in depths up to 20 meters comfortably.

Content of the course:

  •  Theory: physiology, physics, breathing techniques, pressure & equalization, disciplines, safety and rescue.
  •  Practical workshop: breathing and relaxation techniques.
  •  Pool: static and dynamic disciplines.
  •  Mar: breathing, visualization, duck dive, equalization, finning techniques, proper weighting, buddy system, safety and rescue.

At the end of the course students will be able to hold their breath for at least 2 minutes, swim 40 meters underwater and dive between 10 to 20 meters comfortably.

  • Course duration: 2,5 days (about 12-14 hours approx)
  • Requirements:
    • – Be at least 18 years (or 12 with parental consent).
    • – Know how to swim more than 200m.
    • – Medical certificate with less than two years, indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving”.
  • Includes: Digital manual, freediving equipment, insurance during the course and official certification (when passing the course).
  • Price: 310€

Depending on your choice, the courses are taught following the AIDA, SSI.