” The advanced course for improving your freediving skills”

This course will provide students with a better understanding of the natural adaptations for freediving: mammalian diving reflex and how to trigger it. You will learn the proper equalization technique for freediving and training methods. After the course students will be able to dive between 20 and 30 meters comfortably.

Course content:

  •  Theory: for better understanding of the physiological changes that occur inside our body under a high pressure environment, and how to use these changes in order to improve our freediving performances.
  •  Pool: improvement of static and dynamic disciplines.
  •  Stretching workshop: mainly thoracic area.
  •  Mar: improvement of Frenzel equalization technique.
  •  Free-fall: manage relaxation and energy savings to increase dive time and achieve greater depth.

After the course students will be able to hold their breath for at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds, swim 50 meters underwater and make comfortable dives between 20 and 30 meters deep.

  • Course duration: 3 days (about 18-20 hours approx).
  • Requirements:
    • – Be at least 18 years (or 14 with parental consent).
    • – Know how to swim more than 400m.
    • – Have passed previous level.
    • – Medical certificate with less than two years, indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving”.
    • – Have logged minimum of 15 diving sessions.
    • – Have a valid diving insurance.
  • Includes: Digital manual, freediving equipment and official certification (when passing course).
  • Price: 340€

Depending on your choice, the courses are taught following the AIDA, SSI.