“The Master is an 8-week program for students to improve safely and consistently their freediving skills.”

Although you will not obtain a specific freediving certification, it is ideal for students already certified at least level 2 (SSI2, AIDA 3 * or Apnea Academy 2) seeking to improve their skills along with instructors and other freedivers, by focusing on those freediving features that interest you.

You will learn about the working dynamics of a freediving school seen from inside and being part of all scheduled activities. We guarantee a minimum of 4 open water sessions a week.

People attending the Master program will get a 20% off from prices when signing for a course. And when attending a instructor course, you can take the course during the time you’re doing the master without forcing you to meet tight deadlines. You’ll get an excellent experience teaching to real students with the instructor supervising at all times so you get an almost customized training.

  • Requirements:
    • – Be level 2 certified (SSI2, AIDA3 or Apnea Academy 2).
    • – Medical certificate with less than two years, indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving”.
    • – Your own insurance.
  • Includes:freediving equipment and diploma of attendance.
  • Course duration: 4 weeks (1 month).
    • Price: 450€
  • Course duration: 8 weeks (2 months).
    • Price: 700€