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For those freedivers who are already certified and are looking to expand on specific techniques, we have specialized courses that go deeper into those areas.

Mouth-fill clinic 110€ (1 day)
Mouth-fill course 300€ (3 days)
Frenzel Clinic 50€ (1 hour)
Freediving safety course with/without scooter 120€ (1 day)
Apnea course for surfers 120€ (1 day)
Constant weight course without fins 80€ (1 day)
Spearfishing 45€ (4 hours)
Individual customized training 80€ (1 day)
  • Requirements:
    • Have a minimum freediving certification level 1 or similar.
    • Own diving insurance (you can purchase one at our school).
  • Includes: Theoretical class, digital material. Instructor, freediving equipment, buoy, line and depth weight.
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    For those freedivers who already have a freediving certification from one of the recognized agencies (AIDA, SSI, Apnea Academy, ….) and are familiar with training standards and safety systems, Apnea Canarias offers private or group training.

    During these sessions our instructors will lead the student to improve their freediving techniques through personalized advice on how to identify and solve their problems: compensation techniques, free fall, visualization and those mental barriers that block a natural progression.

    • From the shore up to 60 meters
      • 45 per person/session full equipment included***.
      • 35 per person/session without equipment
      • Package of 10 sessions 10% discount
      • Carbon fins rental €10 per session
      • *** Complete equipment: 5mm freediving suit, mask, snorkel, weight belt, plastic fins.
    • Boat training 60m+
      • 55 per person/session**
      • **Includes: counterweight, scooter safety, depth sounder, competition simulation, oxygen NOT included in the price.
      • Ask for more information about packages.
    • Duration: 1:30- 2 hours
    • Requirements:
      • Have a freediving certification.
      • Own diving insurance (you can purchase one at our school).


    The best instructors to help you achieve your goals in our freediving school in Tenerife.


    Turtle – Manta, with boat

    • Price: 45€ per person (minimum of 4 people).
    • Includes: boat, equipment and instructor.


    Sunken wreck

    • Price: (minimum of 2 people):
      • Without scooter: 35€ per person
      • With scooter: 75€ per person
    • Includes: all equipment and instructor.
    • Requirements: minimum freediving level 1, insurance (possible to contact our center).


    Depth Campus with Miguel Lozano

    • 2 dates per year, please contact us for more information.
    • 4 days full of theory, stretching, depth sessions and variable weights.
    • Requirements: minimum level 1 or level 2 freediving and insurance.


    Logistic service and support for underwater video.

    Apnea Canarias collaborated in the realization of many underwater projects such as documentaries, short films, advertisements, photos, TV programs.

    We take care of all the logistics such as boats, necessary equipment, permits, water safety, emergency plan and search for the most suitable locations for the shooting, and we collaborate with the best video operators and professional photographers.

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